Sunday, June 12, 2011

NYLON Challenge: T-Shirt TIME!!!

Nylon (Kate Bosworth) March 2011

Nylon (Vanessa Hudgens ) April 2011

OK. So this was a fairly easy Nylon Challenge, but it being my first one I thought I would start off with something easy.

In two Nylon issues they had a special on graphic/designed t-shirts. I feel like t-shirts should be simple and cheap. Well in both magazines (March 2011 & April 2011) the shirts ranged from $20 - $265. That's right $265.00 human dollars for a t-shirts. No pants to go with it, no necklace or shoes, just a t-shirt.


I understand some of these t-shirts were designer shirts. But no one in their right mind will pay $265 for a shirt. And most people can't afford that!

So here are t-shirts that are just as amazing all found at Salvation Army:

All the shirts above range from $1.00 - $7.00
HINT: Want a really cool graphic t-shirts? Head to the men's section.
Then you can find a larger size, cut them however you would like.

Here are two I actually bought:

Due to these actually being on sale: both coast me one dollar.
ALSO... This video just makes scene:

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