Tuesday, June 7, 2011

When the gloom comes.

It's raining. Proving that all good things don't last long, but hopefully things will change soon. Better weather should be around the corner....

Here is the newest movers & shakers video:

As for QOTG... I am slacking on things. My goal is to have a new DIY and a NYLON challenge up by the end of this month. I've been great feedback on the DIY's so I promise there will be more. SIDE NOTE: I was on the bus yesterday and someone recognized me. It was really strange! So Hi Sade, it was pleasure meeting you and thanks for reading my blog.

(See mom, You're not the only one who reads this!)

shoes - gift
jeans - (H&M) $7.00
belt - (Flea market) $1.75
shirt - (Goodwill: Calvin Klein Men's shirt DIY cut) $1.00
blazer - (Flea Market) $2.50
DIY hoop earrings
scarf - (Goodwill Outlet) $0.10

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