Monday, June 6, 2011

The come down.

It's Monday. And my weekend was jammed packed! I mean from Friday-Sunday I got about 13 hours of sleep divided the whole weekend. It was pretty intent! But of course, it wasn't just work.

Friday - stayed in and worked
Saturday - Worked in the morning, got lunch with friends, then went to film a house party.
Sunday - pulled an all-nighter finished details on two new mover & shakers videos, catch up on poetry, and e-mails.

I just woke up from a quick little nap and now back on my grind. This guttersnipe is slowly make it full circle. Give me a nice table in the sun, a cup of tea and chocolate croissant and I'll be good! Now some photo eye candy....

Thanks to the incredible Janae for these photos:

And some more....

Since I had a crazy weekend, I am taking it easy today. Be mad lady like. For example:

shoes (Payless) $6.00
dress (hand-me-down: my sister gave me)
jean jacket (goodwill) $4.50
necklace (goodwill) $1.99

Currently soundtrack to my life:

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