Friday, August 19, 2011

A Guttersnipe's 2011 Falls Fashion Trends

Aaah! Yes, fall.

By far my favorite season. Don't get me wrong I love summer. Something about the freedom, wild love, crazy parties, late nights, and seeing old friends is indescribable. But fall is a whole another feeling. There's more romance and more promise. But truth be told I love the fashion more.

So I made a list of 7 fall fashion trends I love. Enjoy:

1.) Sheer - It's light weight, sexy and prefect for layering.

2.) The Annie Hall Look - I love mixing men and women fashion and no one does it better than Annie Hall. It's a tab bit preppy & professional.

3.) Polka Dots. Polka dots are timeless! Just one of those patterns that flatters everyone.

4.) Varsity Jackets. Fall means back to school and nothing says back to school better than a 50's style varsity Jacket. (I just found one for $3.00! Posting pictures soon) Plus they go with anything: Jeans, dresses, shorts, etc.

5.) Camo-inspired/camo-colors. This kind of falls into the Annie Hall trend because of the Khaki pants and muted color palette.

6.) Oversized Knit Sweaters. When the weather gets crappy there's no better feeling then grabbing a book, a cup of tea, and throwing on a cozy sweaters. A Fall must.

7.) Plum Purple. Fall colors are all about being rich and dark like a good chocolate or a well aged wine. So I am here to say: "Purple is the new black." It goes great with anything. Plus a touch of purple make up with make any skin tone pop!

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