Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Nylon Challenge: a perfect circle

Oops! I just got the newest issue of Nylon and remember I didn't post this one. So please, enjoy it!

All the items were found at Salvation Army in SODO. The challenge page was from the 2011 November Nylon same as the "on the line" one.

All the items posted were found at Salvation Army

a. b. c.
d. e. f.

a. blouse ($2.99) b. red button up ($2.49) c. button up ($6.99) d. see through blouse ($4.62) e. Jacket blouse ($9.99) f. red button with white ($3.89)

g. h. i.
j. k. l.

g. shirt ($3.99) h. skirt & blouse ($11.98) i. button up ($4.67) j. skirt ($2.99) k. pencil skirt ($4.85) l. skirt ($3.46)

m. n.
o. p. q.

m. studded belt ($1.99) n. snake print belt ($1.99) o. necklace ($4.99) p. dress ($6.95) q. necklace ($2.99)

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