Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Comfort of Things

I love Seattle Winter's. (Yes, I complain about them sometimes, but that in itself is a Seattle thing) I love the rain, I love reasons to wear layers & cozy clothes.

I have been working now stop but finally got all my christmas shopping done! (Remember to shop locally everyone) I also made all my holiday goodies for friends and will have a DIY up soon.

Side note: some people may know I have many alter egos. Guttersnipe and The Intern are the two main ones but there's also T!mboz. She's the hyphy one. I saw this Timberland flannel at Salvation Army and I knew I had to get it.

shoes - (Gift)
leggings - (Target) $7.00
Timberland Flannel - (Salvation Army: men's section) $1.29
hoodie - (hand-me-down: yes, I hand stitched a heart on my sleeve.)
jean vest - (freebie: found it at party)

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