Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Years Outfit?

The New Year's is about glitter, sparkle, going out with a BANG and ringing in the new. So yesterday while shopping I came up with some tips for the prefect New Year's outfit. Here are 3 I throw together while shopping (all these outfits were under $20.00) Enjoy!

Rule # 1: Must be wearable
Make sure it fits, is comfortable, and it suits you. You don't want to be the girl who is falling out of her dress or needs to adjust it ever 5 seconds.

I found this great strapless velvet sweetheart cut dress and paired it with a royal blue blazer.

Rule # 2: Make it shine!
Let's be honest sequins were made just for New Year's. They sparkle, shine, and look great under any light. You must bring in the New Year as flashy as you can. The louder and brighter the outfit, I believe, the better.

I found this beautiful gold sequin dress and matched it with a velvet lined black blazer.

Rule # 3: Mix it up!
Dresses are great but not for everyone. Find a great shiny classy button up and some sexy simple pants to truly make everyone's jaw drop.

I found this olive gold button up and tied it. The pants are men's tuxedo pants.

Rule # 4: Have fun with it!
I am someone who takes this holiday seriously when it comes to what I wear. I am wearing sequin pants, leopard jacket, and Timerbland shoes. I am going out with my closet friends, not making any real fans, and going to dance the night away!!

I hope you guys enjoy the rules and have a wonderful night!

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