Sunday, April 22, 2012

birthday dinner & bamboo earrings

Not mine but my older sister's! Her birthday was a few days ago but since my family (like me) is always so busy we had to have the birthday dinner today.

So I don't talk about her a lot but my sister is amazing! She's crazy, beautiful, super freaking smart, and wild. Of course we use to hate each other. And we still fight but it's better than how we when we were little. We use to go AT IT! I mean I can be cheesy and she says my best friend, but we aren't. We are sisters. And I believe that's better.

Now on my sister's actually birthday we went to the DJ Quik show. One of THE best live shows I've been to in awhile. My sister's friend bought everyone old school bamboo earrings and I can not stop wearing mine. 

 photo bdinner_zps2aa09df1.jpg

shoes (Target) $8.00
tights (Urban Outfitters) $10.00
skirt (Crossroads) $4.00
shirt (H&M) $6.00
bamboo earrings

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