Wednesday, August 15, 2012

playinguttersnipe dress up: Schooled & Fitted caps.

Being a person who is obsessed with fashion you are never too old to play dress up. It's actually one of the best parts. So I think I am going to start a new post all about playing dress up. Which will be me pulling inspirations for outfits (kind of like Nylon Challenge) in many different places.

Like magazines, TV, music, movies, etc. and of course finding it for the low LOW price.

You know: Playinguttersnipe Dress Up. First one is from this year's August Nylon Magazine.

The Inspiration:

My take:

The Sweater - (Salvation Army) $2.75
Stripped Shirt - (Goodwill) $3.50
Red Belt - (Goodwill) $1.00
Skirt - (Gift) American Apparel
Hat - (Gift from my father) Joyrich*

Now I don't know if I would wear this outfit but doing things like this makes you expand out your comfort zone. I actually kind of like it.

*So the hat is the most expensive thing about this outfit. My dad got it for my as a birthday gift and it was about $35.00 dollars. 

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