Sunday, October 21, 2012

Day To Night: Lazy Day to Show Night

WARNING: This is a thick post

(Bought this amazing book of wrapping paper yesterday. What can I say. It had my name all over it...)

Today is going to be a great day. Last night I took it really easy. I actually bailed on my friends (sorry guys) but I feel like I've been running around and not sleeping enough. So I went to see a 10:30 PM showing of The Master with my sister and her friend Q last night. And since the movie was nearly 3 hours long we were starving and got Chinese food at 2 AM. Yes, I do it pretty big on a Saturday Night.

The pockets inside my jeans read:
Gotta to Love MTTM

For the day time:
Shoes (Target) $15.00
Jeans (Married To The Mob "Boyfriend Jeans" - PLNDR) $16.00
Tank Top (Costco 3 Pack) $12.00
Flannel (Target) $7.00
Necklace (Forever 21) $8.00

But tonight is not going to be a lazy Sunday because tonight I am going to the Schoolboy Q, Danny Brown, and ASAP MOB show. Should be highly entertaining (for people watching) and I've heard nothing but good thing about this tour. So excited.

So for the NIGHT

MTTM Leggings
Shirt (Goodwill) $3.50
Leather Jacket (Salvation Army) $4.00
Bamboo Earrings (Sally Beauty Supply) $3.50
Necklace (Forever 21) $8.00

Now my sister (OG Party Baby) rocking leather fur coat and orange flame hair.


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