Sunday, October 14, 2012

guttersnipe's 10 fall (accessories) essentials

Fall is among us! September, October, and November are by far my favorite months. They have so much promise to them and always have such a great fresh feeling. So with that I thought I should share with y'all my top ten must have fall accessories essentials. And with that said here they are (in no particular order):

10. Bamboo Door Knocker Earrings - I am a fan of them. So trashy and so 80's. I am all about working them year round but fall is the best season for them.

Beauty Supply Store

9. China Glaze Sea Spray & Fifth Avenue Nail Polish - These colors are great! Fifth Avenue is a very red rust color and Sea Spray is a gray color that dries with dark blue streaks. I am of course wearing both right now. They go great together.

Beauty Supply Store

8. Krink Paint Marker in Mint - I am a huge fan of fat paint pens and hands down Krink make the best kind. This is the pen I actually use as the accent color for the new logo.

Art Supply Store

7. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups - After a long day and a nice cup of tea, whoo yee! These are the best.

6. Target Mossimo Leggings - I can wear these every day if I could. They look good with anything, Great to work out in, sleep in, and even go out in. A HUGE fall must have for me.

Grocery Store                                                        Target 

5. Beanies - I mean, I got to keep my head warm. I mean, I got to keep my head warm in style.

4. Red Lipstick - Once again another year round item for me but nothing like a little pop of bright red lips in the fall season.

Alive & Well                                     Chanel "Rogue" Lipstick

3. Scarfs - Got to keep that neck warm! I usually go for either bright scarfs for fall because like rep lips it's another place to add a great pop of color or a crazy graphic prints that will help improve a more chill layout back outfit.

Nordstrom Rack

2. Manic Panic Ultra Violet Hair Dye - I mean my hair is naturally purple because I am a guttersnipe unicorn but days I need to freshen it up...

Beauty Supply Store

1. Chuck Taylors - I've been "craving" a pair of chucks for a while now. I was going to great a cream color (a wiser choice for fall) but I went with the bold white because why not. Screw those silly "no white after labor day" rules! Plus these shoes are made to get beat up and dirty. It gives them some character.

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