Friday, October 26, 2012

spirit animal

It's only day two on my week birthday extravaganza! (self appointed title) I went out with my sister Claire and her friend Miss Caela Bailey. Here is what Caela wore:

This amazing strange dress she got for free at Burning Man. We discovered - It freaking glows in the dark! Miss Caela always rocking it right.

As for me, well...

I had to go with my spirit animal - The Unicorn. Ladies & gentleman this is what I feel like on the inside all the time.

Shoes (Target) $15.00
Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $5.00
Dress (Goodwill - Glitter Sale) $12.00 yes only $12.00
Unicorn Horn (Gift from my sister)
Earrings (Hand Made by my sister)

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