Thursday, October 25, 2012

they once called me 2 faced

My birthday is halloween. It's one week away and everyone knows you get a week to celebrate. So I of course started today. My friends and I went to The Black Snake Moan party (A VooDoo Blues type show) at the Unicorn on Cap Hill. I thought people were dressing up, well at least WE did. I played it safe. Well, half played it safe.

Meet La Rosa. Make up by yours truly.

Always a massive fan of photobooth pictures.
Gabby & I

Shoes (Journeys) $40.00
Leggings (Haute Demand) Gift
Sequin Dress (Express) $12.00
Jean Jacket (Salvation Army) $4.00
Scarf (Goodwill) $0.99
make up - by yours truly.

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