Tuesday, October 23, 2012

red bull

I am getting ready for some big things. Birthday is right around the corner. Just excited for what the future has to offer.

Also reminder that it's #dreamboatTuesday on the tumblr.

Shoes (Shoe Dazzle) $30.00
Pants (hand-me-down)
T-shirt (35th & North) $25.00*
Sweater/Cardigan (Goodwill) $4.75
Beetle Necklace (H&M) $12.00

*Anyone who nows me knows I am big Chicago Bulls fan. If you know me really well you know I am a BIGGER Derrick Rose fan.

I was walking by 35th & North (which is on Capitol Hill) and saw this shirt hanging in the window. I bought it on site. $25.00 for a shirt might sound steep but my thing is tha 35th & North sells a lot of local independent brands which is dope. This shirt being from a brand called G.A.J. And 35th & North being a local business is a plus. I strongly believe in supporting local business.

So yeah $25.00 was worth every penny.

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