Sunday, November 11, 2012

the # 23

Currently I am tucked away on a hidden island, staying in a beautiful little wooden cabin, eating fresh vegetables from a garden, learning to make fires to stay warm, as well as suppose to be writing. It's not working out because my muse is playing hard to get and I am not getting the work I WANT done. But being the die hard writer that I am I've been exercising my writing muscles in other ways. On my birthday I posted about this idea/project/state of mind I am in right now that I am calling my #JordanYear.

Since then I've been posting little bits here & there about my life right now, being in my 20s, love life, strange moments and what not. Most of the stuff I write actually does not end up on the internet because hard to believe but I like to keep somethings private and to myself. (Go figure.) However I believe in sharing, getting feedback, and starting a dialogue.

Roaring 20s

I am lacking on posts right now because I am in the woods on an island. I am wearing sweatpants, leggings, hoodies, and mismatch wool socks. Being the coziest guttersnipe ever but maybe not the most glamours...

Til then, I am updating the tumblr so get your fix there. And the instagram @missestelle

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