Tuesday, January 29, 2013

instaguttersnipe: #TheGoodFeelingsTour

As you've notice: lack of posts. I've been on tour with the wicked smart, beautiful, and talented Mary Lambert "The Good Feelings Tour" to be exact. We are on the road for a month and we are our first week in. We started in Boston and currently in New York.

Tomorrow though we off to Toronto Canada. Yeah, we international. Here are some instagram pics for the time being.

 photo 213a78d668db11e2b55422000a9f1377_7_zps2c47fa50.jpg

 photo 93f39a70650111e2bab822000a9f3c25_7_zps11c7920c.jpg  photo 28b7054466a511e2979222000a1f9bc6_7_zpsb674a9dd.jpg photo b41b41da65ed11e28d0622000a9e13b7_7_zpse79eb94f.jpg  photo 9a222ace668711e2af1622000a1fb845_7_zps01418bbc.jpg    photo 5d8de51a69a411e2bb0f22000a1fbc94_7_zpsf4289d7e.jpg  photo c7126d3069cc11e29ae122000a1f9a03_7_zps94ba5310.jpg  photo 1e4084e26aa011e28e6622000a9f0a1a_7_zps010e4c72.jpg  photo 45277138673f11e297bf22000a1f9263_7_zps0ddf116e.jpg

We on that "Treat Yo Self!" 2013 swag!

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