Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New York in Review

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It's currently 1 AM in Toronto. Mary and I are sharing an air mattress bed and typing away at our keyboards. For some reason, without even trying we are sticking to West Coast time. Or we are both just since night owls going to bed at 3 AM in anytime zone is normal.

Now, since I can't post outfits I thought I would post some pictures from our 3 days in New York. I have such a love/hate relationship with that city. This was my 5th time there and I had a blast. I could never see my self living there, but most def visiting alot.

New York - the truth is that you've just had so many lovers. I can't be one of them. You are more like a friend to me. A really really hot, smart, sassy, good looking friend...

First off here is a pictures of two lovely fans who came to me and Mary's NYC show. They had great style.
 photo DSC_0195_zps08b6e67d.jpg

Then I took Mary to Soho and made her go to TopShop for the first time. It of course blow her mind.

 photo DSC_0248_zpsc7e73f55.jpg

 photo DSC_0245_zps432da8cc.jpg  photo DSC_0246_zpsf509c305.jpg   photo DSC_0249_zpsed4e21a2.jpg  photo DSC_0251_zpse609fb37.jpg  photo DSC_0254_zps8282decb.jpg  photo IMG_7089_zps7667d6d2.jpg  photo DSC_0329_zpse6be08f9.jpg   photo DSC_0332_zpsba220a9d.jpg  photo DSC_0333_zps02f18f2f.jpg

Also New York makes me broke EVERY time I go. I made brilliantly bad decisions with my money, but I ain't mad!

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