Monday, February 25, 2013


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(key chain from commonwealth DC)

It's been a official week of me being home and so much has happened. A week can a long time.

Now this week is all about getting back to a normal work schedule which is so hard after a month of pure fun. Plus I can smell summer right around the corner. This is the first summer that I am really excited for. I am usually a winter girl, but all my friends being so pumped for it is helping me see the benefits of that time of year.

But for now, it's a chilly but sunny day. So I get to wear my layers.

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(bracelets from my pen pal - giselle)

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this music video is brilliant.

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beanie (TopShop - Sale) $5.00
Jean Jacket (freebie)
Sweatshirt (Los Angeles - Goodwill) $4.00
Pants (JC Penny's) $7.00
Jordans (BUSTED ass jordans)

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