Wednesday, February 27, 2013

5 Things I am Love... right now

5. Society 6 "Throw Pillows"
Society 6 has the coolest iPhone & iPad skins. There truly is a design for everyone and anyone. Now they have added "throw pillows" into the mix. You want a pillow with something ironic, iconic or just awesome this is the place to do. I am a massive fan of the Bill Murray one.
 photo 1909399_8799062-plwfr2_b_zpsae13ce33.jpg photo 2318808_13540205-plwfr2_b_zps9483240e.jpg photo 3306725_12542324-plwfr2_b_zps96e136be.jpg

4. Mindy Project
I was a fan of Mindy Kaling back in Office days as well as her book "is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)" and I've become a fan of her newest TV. I have to say it's ridiculously stupid and sometimes hard to watch, but that's the thing about comedy now a days. It's all truly hard to look at.

 photo the-mindy-project-cast-pic_zpsff7ad1c5.jpeg

3. Alabama Shakes
My friend turned me onto them after their Saturday Night Live performance which was amazing! Then of course I realized I was already a fan because their song that was featured in Silver Linings Playbook (a great movie by the way...) I just bought their album and it's so ideal to for a silly Seattle February. Not to mention their lead singer Brittany is a sassy lady. Love that!
 photo 1350086551350cached_zps1480942b.jpg

2. We Killed: The Rise of Women in American Comedy
I bought this book to take on the road with me while I was on tour and it's great! Not even for people like myself who are aspiring comedies, it's just a great read to pass the time on a bus or before bed. Women are fucking funny. Think other wise and you're just mad.
 photo 9780374287238_custom-1aaddd63a876562b026cc56aee195c00e25d9114-s2_zps481948bf.jpg

1. The World's Best Ever
The internet is a magical place. But sometimes it's truly overwhelming. I finally found a place where I can get all my news, art, pop culture, street wear, and other random stuff that helps getting through the work week that much easier.
 photo 01_zpsd4144d95.jpg

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