Tuesday, February 5, 2013

instaguttersnipe: homesick & being sick sick

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#JordanYear sweatshirt from a great DC shoe/street wear store: Major

Mary and I are at the half way point of tour. Which is great and truly hard to believe. Time flies! We are both getting sick though from all the traveling. Thankfully we are in DC for week so we have some time to sit back and get somewhat more healthy.

I have to say, I love DC. We are staying in Georgetown and it's a great area. The shopping is so spot on and the food has been incredible. I am one happy little guttersnipe.

We have a playlist that we play while getting ready for a show. You can check it out here. Or follow our youtube video diaries. Also check out Mary's instagram too! Not to mention it's #dreamboatTuesday over on the tumblr for some guilt free eye candy.

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