Sunday, March 10, 2013

NYLON Challenge: nyc blues x march on

 photo nylon_cover_zps183c75f7.jpeg

I finally got the latest issue of Nylon magazine and it is stock full with some great fashion inspirations. I haven't done a challenge in awhile because I am slacking but truly I was also just really disappointed with the last few issues.

I did my take on two different "mass appeal" spreads. Both have similar color schemes and textures so I am posting both in one big post.

Think of it as a two for one special. Or something.

The Spread #1:
 photo nylon_nycblues_zps7ba66e7c.jpg

A Guttersnipe's personal take:
 photo DSC_0027-2_zpsef0ca71b.jpg photo DSC_0030-1_zps803e1b21.jpg  photo DSC_0031-2_zpscd8d56f2.jpg photo DSC_0032-2_zps04abeac9.jpg  photo DSC_0033-2_zpscafbadea.jpg photo DSC_0034-1_zpsa9691a8b.jpg  photo DSC_0036_zps5dbb0a09.jpg photo DSC_0037_zpsc413f9e3.jpg 
breakdown: (from left to right)
shoes ($9.99) - bag ($4.50) - tiger print skirt ($6.00) - jean shorts ($5.86) - leopard print ($4.50) - Jean Dress ($4.78) x Leopard Cuffed Sweater ($8.45) - Leopard Blouse ($7.68) x White Tank Top ($0.99) -
leopard shirt ($4.75) x Jean Vest ($7.65)

Nylon Challenge # 2:
 photo nylon_marchon_zps90bca792.jpg

My personal take:

 photo DSC_0047_zps8e4c71fb.jpg
 photo DSC_0048_zps68d39a29.jpg photo DSC_0046_zpsc397788b.jpg  photo DSC_0045_zps71109549.jpg photo DSC_0044_zps4c1421ca.jpg  photo DSC_0043_zpscd93fa0d.jpg photo DSC_0042_zps7a4f6241.jpg  photo DSC_0041_zps3f479559.jpg photo DSC_0039_zpsd3f246ba.jpg photo DSC_0040_zpsb80f3f5d.jpg 

Heels ($12.00) - Kitten Heels ($9.87) - Vest ($8.89) x Purple Blouse ($10.98) - Blazer ($5.67) - Jacket ($12.98) - Cardigan ($5.67) x Sweater ($6.78) - Button Up ($4.75) - Top ($3.49) x Pants ($7.85) - Pants ($8.22) - Leather Skirt ($2.37)

More Challenges to come as well as a new DIY!

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