Thursday, April 4, 2013

april rains

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It rained in Seattle. I, of course, am happy about it.

I was doing some spring cleaning yesterday; going through my closet, getting rid of clothes, when and realized there were a bunch of sweaters I didn't get the chance to wear. Well, it rained. So I get to wear them. I am a happy guttersnipe.

Also there's this smell that happens when it hasn't rained in awhile and I love it! Why I love this city.

 photo IMG_0166_zpscc565b37.jpg photo IMG_0199_zps1ba1ce3f.jpg  photo IMG_0186_zps738e796c.jpg photo IMG_0189_zps24dddef8.jpg  photo IMG_0194_zps61f6c785.jpg  photo IMG_0195_zps55d6bee0.jpg  photo IMG_0196_zps39f17a8b.jpg  photo IMG_0197_zps4a99d45a.jpg   photo aprilrains_guttersnipe_zps7fb075e4.jpg

leggings (yard sale) $10.00
sweater (St. Vincent De Paul) $0.99
shoes (Salvation Army) $4.99
necklace (Macy's) $12.00

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