Tuesday, May 7, 2013

never a truer statement

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Been having a bit of a fashion block as well as a writer's block. An awful combo.

But thankful a package from Drop Dead Clothing came in the mail today filled with goodies so I am happy as can be.

I started a new job! So that has been taking a massive amount of my time. I am going to also do more blog posts. It's a blog and I love writing so why not make it happen, right?

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Moving along; now. Anyone who knows me knows I am a fucking unicorn. I just am.

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Leggings - American Apparel (gift from the sister)
"I'm A fucking Unicorn" T-shirt - Drop Dead Clothing
Converse - (Sneaker City) $35.00
Earrings - my sister made them for a long time ago! I use to love peacocks and I am really surprised I still have them.

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