Wednesday, May 8, 2013

therefore i am

If you didn't know Supreme is currently suing Married To The Mob for there "Supreme Bitch" logo. My mentor and lovely friend Gabriella over at MISS CREW wrote a brilliant article about the whole thing. She truly breaks it down so elegantly.

The funniest thing is about both companies is that they "stole" "copied" or "sampled" the one and only badass that is Barbara Kruger. (If you've followed this blog for awhile, you know I am a massive fan of her work.)

Complex magazine actually reached out to Kruger about her thoughts on the whole law suit and well... she gave the best answer.

Either way, I am strong believer that nothing is original. Everything is an idea off another idea that has already been around for years. That we, as people, writers, bloggers, poets, artist; sample all the time and copy each other. The key is to recognize the fact.

Steal like a true artist! Because the best ones do.

 photo IMG_0940_zpse3c29497.jpg  photo IMG_0941_zpsba7783fb.jpg  photo IMG_0944_zps0982e7c9.jpg  photo IMG_0945_zpsbcb96a94.jpg  photo thereforeiam_zpse3c08a20.jpg

Shoes Dazzle
Shorts (DIY)
T-shirt (Seattle Art Museum) $15.00
Jacket (Salvation Army) $3.75

ALSO! I took my mom to the upscale boutique Totokaelo on Cap Hill. It's uber expensive but so glamours and elegant. You will break the bank shopping there, but damn! It's so worth it. My mom picked up two pieces she said I could visit every one in awhile.

 photo IMG_0939_zps84f08460.jpg photo IMG_0938_zpsf592fa9c.jpg

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