Thursday, May 16, 2013

catch a break

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That's really I can say. I've been working like crazy. Started my new job, which I love, but my body and mind and personal life are still trying to get use to the new schedule. This being the 3rd week, I think I am getting a better handle on things.

That being said; a new post. Finally. This one is jam packed. I promise.

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This outfit was from a few days ago. I was hosted an event at Re-Bar that night and my fellow poet/friend was visiting so I took him to a Mobb Deep show. Because when you visit me in Seattle shit like that happens.

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Once again this is another Drop Dead Clothing post. I love this line! I truly can not get enough of it. It's creepy, hip, and oh so comfy. A bit pricey but I think it's worth it in the end since their line is so original. Obsessed! Clearly.

   photo IMG_0997_zps3a503b07.jpg  photo IMG_0998_zps0c3dce59.jpg   photo IMG_1000_zpsd63d314e.jpg  photo IMG_1018_zpsc2383dbd.jpg  photo IMG_1023_zps295d7d64.jpg  photo IMG_1025_zps3ef5d6c3.jpg   photo IMG_1026_zpsa3431fd7.jpg   photo IMG_1027_zps66c9411a.jpg  photo IMG_1028_zps2c64fd9d.jpg  photo IMG_1030_zps59ee980c.jpg   photo catchawave_zpse33a3dec.jpg

Door Knocker Earrings x Polo Shirt - Drop Dead Clothing
Shorts (DIY Shorts)
Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $4.00
Jordan 1's Retros

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