Friday, May 17, 2013

Alright. Another one.

 photo IMG_1060_zps001a7edf.jpg

Since I have a day off I got to catch up a lot of things. Like this blog, tv, and of course my hidden love; sewing. I had a bunch of fabric laying around my room so I started making stuff.

I am actually very proud of what I was able to make.

Like this little summer top. I like working with jersey because its so easy to drape and great for summer. I kind of just sewed this in half and cut out arm holes. Just that simple.

Guttersnipe worthy.

 photo IMG_1045_zps776102c4.jpg photo IMG_1037_zpsea5108dc.jpg

 photo IMG_1056_zpse0a2285c.jpg photo IMG_1057_zps5822f2f5.jpg  photo IMG_1058_zps1cb980ff.jpg photo IMG_1061_zps9a190473.jpg

 photo IMG_1055_zps24b021b2.jpg
The back

 photo alright_guttersnipe_zps034480cc.jpg

Pants ($15.00) x Shoes (Payless $5.00)
Shirt (guttersnipe one-of-a-kind hand made)
Necklace (Goodwill)

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