Tuesday, May 21, 2013

5 things I am in love with... right now

blah. I am hiding away for a week. Which means I shouldn't even be blogging right now. I shouldn't even be on the internet but whatever. I am going to become anti-internet tomorrow. Right now... well since it's going to be a week MIA I might as well leave you with "something."

So yeah.

Here it is.

5. Writing
Of course my first love. I will always love writing, but lately, just been on it a lot more. I forgot how much it helps and how much I truly love it.
 photo Favimcom-4647_large_zps9dd3165c.jpg

4. Road Trips
Got one in the making that is almost done and already planning the next one. Thinking about the coast with my boo thing and then who knows. Which leads me to number 3...
 photo large-1_zps0c168699.jpg

3. Summer Time
More of a winter person myself but there's a beautiful strange sense of freedom in the dead heat of summer. A passionate kind of living.
 photo large_zpsf0898768.jpg

2. Drop Dead Clothing
But you already knew that...
  photo images_zpse92b0cb6.jpeg 

1. Chance the rapper
Download Acid Rap right now. I mean it. Right now. I have been obsessed for awhile now and the obsession is just growing stronger. Currently my favorite rapper in the game. 
 photo 41833852b1d411e2914022000a9e0653_7_zps3ec4032c.jpg

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