Tuesday, June 18, 2013

5 Thing I am in love with... right now

5. Mermaid Hair
Even though my hair is short, I am loving it no matter what.
 photo 98023729360681836NqFTxdrDc_grande_zps02b6f09e.jpg photo tumblr_lzo2gtzzey1qb4r3mo1_1280_grande_zps27154ca0.jpg

4. Instagram
I've always been a fan of instagram but saw this little online documentary about it and fell in love with the app again. It's fun way to share the world your personal point of view. (Yes, even share a #selfie or two - also follow me: @missestelle)

 photo url_zpsc7d6b99b.jpeg

3. Untitled & Co
Now, I am not cheating on Drop Dead Clothing or anything, I am just "seeing other labels." I got a great tank from there's the only day and have been loving it. About to cop some more ASAP.
 photo bitchesaintshitCREW_zpsb1661236.jpg

2. Mac Miller
Now, I am a fan of Kanye West and J. Cole. But.... never thought I would ever admit I was his fan, but damn! His newest CD caught me so off guard. It's so well written and produced. I am... a fan....?

 photo Mac-Miller-Watching-Movies-With-the-Sound-Off-2013-1200x1200_zpsa7d413e2.png

1. Joyrich x Choco Moo
If only I had money like that.... I want it ALL!

  photo jcm4_zps941b5767.jpg  

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