Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dark Side of Summer

 photo IMG_2035_zpsab3b2aec.jpg

Summer brights can be cliche. Sometimes you just need to go for darker shades.

 photo IMG_2026_zpsfe735c68.jpg photo IMG_2014_zps6d5cee05.jpg 

  photo IMG_2033_zps7ec48904.jpg  photo IMG_2032_zps78dd0ce9.jpg  photo IMG_2030_zpsfd67daaa.jpg  photo IMG_2029_zpsbb7eee97.jpg  photo darksummer_guttersnipe_zpseb09d102.jpg

Shoes (Nike Outlet) $20.00
Jean Shorts (Goodwill) x Necklace (Goodwill)
Belt (H&M) $5.00
Shirt (Nordstrom) $20.00
Sunglass (Nordstrom) $12.00

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