Monday, July 15, 2013

the scale of it

Summer time gets me tired. I just don't want to do a damn thing. Which is a bad thing when I've been trying to do nothing but write. Ugh. Maybe I should stop resenting and just go with it. Do. Nothing.
   photo IMG_2102_zpsa7a9140c.jpg photo IMG_2101_zps4ebce560.jpg  photo IMG_2100_zps5ceb4fde.jpg photo IMG_2099_zps98454c7c.jpg  photo scale_guttersnipe_zps00a81d19.jpg

Flats (Target) x DIY Jean Shorts
Leopard Print (Forever 21) $9.00 x Tank Top (H&M) $5.00
Necklace (goodwill) x belt (J Crew) $9.00

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