Monday, July 22, 2013

throw some shade

Slacking. That's really all it is.

The effort made to have a fashion blog is a passionate one but there are off days. A lot of off days. But I love it. And I hope as a reader you love it too.

 photo IMG_2127_zpsdeb19bb9.jpg photo IMG_2125_zps950f885a.jpg 
(guttersnipe trying to be on her model tip.)

Woke up in a musical kind of mode. Funny Girl, Chicago, RENT, Guy & Dolls, and many many more. But of course my favorite; Hair Spray.

 photo IMG_2136_zpsa036ebe2.jpg photo IMG_2135_zps318aa84d.jpg  photo IMG_2133_zps550ebd37.jpg photo IMG_2134_zps08ea7267.jpg   photo throwshade_guttersnipe_zps525293da.jpg

Jean Button Up x Goodwill x $3.50
Tank x Salvation Army x $4.00
Necklace x Target
Shoes x Nordstrom Rack

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