Sunday, July 7, 2013

lady & night

On Friday night after cleaning my WHOLE house my girls dragged me out. Well... they didn't really drag me out. I can't say no to a night out on the town.

 photo IMG_1935_zpsdf64764a.jpg photo IMG_1934_zps975ab4dd.jpg  photo IMG_1926_zps613dbb74.jpg photo IMG_1918_zps504341c8.jpg

 photo IMG_1933_zpsa9ff33d6.jpg photo IMG_1930_zps7a4db74d.jpg

So this is what happens when you watch Funny Face while you are getting ready for a ladies night. I am telling you; if you ever feel stuck and have nothing to wear PUT ON A MOVIE. It helps me.

I am in love with these new shoes. I found them at Nordstrom Rack. My boy calls them my "Trinidad James" shoes. I feel fancy then him wearing them though... 

 photo ladyampnight_zps56f5cb93.jpg

Disco Pants - American Apparel - $16.00
NEW Item Shirt - Goodwill - $4.00
Necklace - Goodwill - $1.00
Shoes - Nordstrom Rack - $20.00

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  1. Okay, so can I just say you are totally amazing? I found your blog when I was looking up "timberland outfits tumblr" on Google (my dream shoes). I looked through your blog posts and fell in love! I wish you didn't live in Seattle because I would actually love to meet you. I'm starting high school this fall, and I definitely wanna make/be a fashion statement, and your past and recent posts are actually helping me. Your style, advice, and ideas are just ridiculous (in a good way). God, you're so cool lol. =D