Monday, August 5, 2013

5 things I am in love with... right now.

I've misplaced my camera hence the lack of style posts. But for the time being; enjoy this list!

5. School Supplies
I wasn't the biggest fan of school but always LOVED back to school shopping. But not just the clothes. I was all about the new notebooks, new pens, Lisa Frank folders, cool pencil pouches. Yeah, I am a nerd.
 photo tumblr_mjj812fTla1qzwmcto1_500_large_zps07bdab6b.png

4. Tie Dye
Seattle's own Alive & Well released a tie dye shirt and my friend Mary Jane just had a tie dye birthday party. Great little nod to the last days of summer.
 photo ae8fda1a74c97ebd5468fa9b8ba1997e_zps9f8a5165.jpg

Another great indie star getting some well deserved attention. Plus I  heard she will be opening act for The Weeknd when he comes to Seattle; so I am pumped.

2. AlunaGeorge
I've been on them for awhile and it's great to see them blowing up! Get their debut album Body Music.

1. Sleep
Enough said. 
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