Thursday, August 1, 2013

killa cam

August! It's finally August. July is the Saturday of summer so August is most def the Sunday. Twice as lazy. Didn't think that is possible? Then you ain't doing it right.

Found this piece of art on during one of my daily internet binges where I landed on my favorite magazine/blog The FADER. The artist is Kristofferson San Pablo and his clothing is Vacancy Project. The shirt I am trying to get next is that BARTSQUIAT.

 photo IMG_2359_zps49caabe3.jpg photo IMG_2357_zps2960d045.jpg 

There's been this on going trend in fashion that is similar to the Andy Warhol and Banksy styles. Taking image A and mixing it with images F, J, and Z. Very strange and goofy outcomes that make for great statement pieces.

 photo IMG_2341_zps409c0175.jpg photo IMG_2340_zps37b95ebc.jpg

Cam'ron in all pink, on a flip phone, painted on a shirt. Need I say more?

I could pair this shirt with ANYTHING and it will still be the coolest outfit ever. Shoot! I don't even need pants. (Oh. And how that would make a statement!)

 photo IMG_2356_zpsdf23d30e.jpg photo IMG_2355_zpsfa2e68f9.jpg  photo IMG_2353_zps3ef8faa8.jpg photo IMG_2351_zpsf89b99e5.jpg 

 photo killa_guttersnipe_zps0c4a625e.jpg

Killa Cam Shirt (VACANCY) x shirt (Forever 21)
DIY Charm necklace x converse 

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