Tuesday, January 21, 2014

But really - I am a fan

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I am not the biggest football fan. My boyfriend is!I mean the BIGGEST. So I am learning. I don't love, love it but I am learning to appreciate it. Sorry - I am not one of the people who tries to understand it. I grew up in a soccer and basketball house hold. But now that Seattle's beloved Seahawks are going to the super bowl I am of course excited!

However. This post will make you think otherwise.

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I know! I am wearing a Lion's sweatshirt BUT IN MY DEFENSE I went thrifting yesterday in Tacoma with my boyfriend and he not only approved the purchase of this sweatshirt but found it for me. So I am of course rocking it.

(So Yes! I am that person who don't know shit about football yet wearing a football team's sweatshirt. Think it like this - it's the same way people who have never listen to Tu Pac, Biggie, or Wu Tang wear them on shirts. Just saying... At least I know who those rappers are.)

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Haha! Sorry for that random rant. But with that out of the way, like I said my boyfriend and I went to Tacoma for doughnuts but ending up doing some shopping. So hopefully later this week I will have a new "review from the gutter" about two thrift stores we checked out. 

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Jeans (Levi's) $15.00 x Timberlands x Necklace (Goodwill) $1.00
Underneath Button Up (Phillip Lim for Target) 
Detroit Lion's Sweatshirt (Urban X change - Tacoma) $12.00

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