Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Peace vs C.R.E.A.M.

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I've never really been a plant person. With a name like Rose, you would think otherwise. Wrong.

I usually kill them sadly. Over water them, under water them, don't give them enough light, this, that, knock them over. Anyways - the point is I got one as a gift for christmas (an actually cool gift!) It's a peace plant. Best part - they really don't need that much care. A little sunlight, water like every 3 days, and they give off oxygen.

 photo IMG_4363_zps75a2f5d3.jpg  photo IMG_4362_zpsed11752a.jpg 
 photo IMG_4361_zps84454ab1.jpg

Well, I am in love with this little thing. I even named her - Mame. ("I am your planty Mame." I am a dork. I realize this.)

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Lately I've been trying to save up money, harder than I think. But! I am not giving up. Every penny counts and it helps that I am truly trying to spend less.

As the philosophers of Wu Tang once said "Cash rules everything around me // C.R.E.A.M. // Get the money // dollar dollar bill y'all."

Damn. Ain't that the truth.

 photo IMG_4347_zps96f37262.jpg

I got this scarf as a freebie as a trade for some blog writing I did. I fucking love it. The colors go ideal with my timberlands. It's like dirty Rose Gold - and you guys know how much I've been loving that shade lately.

 photo IMG_4333_zps864d9608.jpg  photo IMG_4332_zpse706db87.jpg

The scar is original from Nasty Gal. Since it's so graphic I thought it would go great with my KESH shirt from American Apparel.

   photo IMG_4357_zpsbf3abdda.jpg  photo IMG_4355_zps66591342.jpg  photo IMG_4353_zps97bb961a.jpg  photo IMG_4352_zps64159f86.jpg   photo peacevscream_zpsa22c4a51.jpg

Jean Jacket (Hand-me-down) x Hoodie (Christmas Gift)
Shirt (American Apparel) x Disco Pants (American Apparel)
Scarf (Nasty Gal) x Timberlands

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