Friday, January 10, 2014

anti cool ain't cool

Life Updates - I got a new phone. Thank goodness. I of course didn't "need" a new phone (#FirstWorldProblems) but I was lucky enough to get one. My last phone had a spider screen, could only talk to people on speaker, and for some reason would send my text messages three times or not send them at all.

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Just purchased Rookie: Year Book Two.

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Now I will admit - I was not the biggest fan of Tavi for the longest time. I think most of it came from a place of jealousy or the fact that I didn't understand her whole message right away. But once her and her friends started Rookie I jumped on the band wagon.

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I find it to be a fun read and a great research book for young girls. I don't agree with everything they prompt but believe they do more good than bad.

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I can't wear just black. I tried. I think I might be the only person in the world who can't pull it off. Or maybe, just maybe, I am not cool enough. Or maybe, which is mostly likely the reason, I can't because I need just a pop of color to make me feel at ease.

Sorry "Street Ninjas*" of the world. I can't.

*Street Ninja - People who are in the fashion scene or game; only wear black. Who only wear black. Who can pull off only wearing black.

(A guttersnipe term I came up with when the trend started showing up in Seattle. Please! Feel free to use it in a sentence or tweet.)

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Shirt (35th & North) $25.00 x Jacket (Salvation Army) $2.50
American Apparel Disco Pants x Necklace (Garage sale) $3.00
Sweater (Salvation Army) $5.00 x Shoes (Salvation Army) $4.99

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