Tuesday, April 22, 2014

all day you say.

A day of strange weather but good news.

For example - my favorite play/musical is coming to Seattle: Passing Strange. I am a nerd of musicals but Passing Strange more than a musical. It's so epic!

 photo IMG_5632_zpsac596c43.jpg photo IMG_5633_zps600ffccc.jpg 

Excuse my nerd moment on to the fashion. Just purchased this Adidas crop top. Got it for full price $32 but I haven't been doing any wild shopping (besides shoes... but those don't count!) so I wanted to treat myself.

 photo IMG_5663_zps10028d5f.jpg  photo IMG_5664_zpsa1b2dc9e.jpg 

Not to mention - I got a new job! Hey Oh!

 photo IMG_5639_zps9c6c0a5e.jpg photo IMG_5654_zps8474583b.jpg

My friend MJ does this awesome nail event at her job called #TopCoat (check out the hashtag on instagram) She did my nails on Friday night so they look pretty good for surviving a weekend with me.

 photo IMG_5657_zps4e416ecb.jpg  photo IMG_5658_zpse5069664.jpg  photo IMG_5659_zps53eb7b44.jpg  photo IMG_5660_zpsf845892c.jpg  photo IMG_5661_zps32766c3b.jpg  photo IMG_5662_zps1dff9676.jpg 

And yes that is a #selfie necklace.

 photo allday_zps3d94804c.jpg

Tights (Nordstrom Rack) $4.00 x Shoes (Macy's)
DIY high waisted shorts x ADIDAS Crop Top
#selfie necklace

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