Thursday, April 24, 2014

gold link

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New favorite artist - GoldLink (which reminds me I haven't done a "Top 5" in awhile) & new favorite necklace - one that says my name. Dripping gold.

I got the fabulous necklace from a website my sister told me about called Tatty Devine (follow them on Instagram!) My sister request her birthday gift be from there so why not purchase a little something something for myself. Good luck shopping - but be warned. This store is addictive!

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I am not one of those people who keep good shops a secret (or music at that.) I mean what's the point! I believe to keep places you like alive is to share with your friends and family. Don't get me wrong though - I make sure to take all the credit when I turn people on to cool websites and stores. I mean who wouldn't!?

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Today was raining, then not, then hailing, then not. Then raining and now it's sunny. So I just went with a uniform: flannel, black pants, and timberlands. Tie the flannel in a knot to give it a little lift as well as a spring vibe. Even if this weather isn't....

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Timberlands x Pants (Forever 21) $7
Flannel (Goodwill) x Necklace (Tatty Devine!)
Sunglasses (Nordstrom Rack)

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