Sunday, April 27, 2014

5 Things I am in love with... right now

Been awhile but don't call it a come back.

5. Summer Blockbusters
The summer was made for movies. Popcorn, pop culture, and air conditioning. I can't wait. There is a huge line up but I am really excited for the movie Neighbors. It looks so funny! Hope it doesn't disappoint.
 photo neighbors_2014-other_zpsa9fe0185.jpg

4. Polaroid printer
Take all my instragram photos and make them into Polariods?! SOLD! Found this bad boy over at PhotoJojo (don't forget to follow me on Instagram @missestelle)
 photo print_zps7475c2fb.jpg

3. Tatty Devine
#Obsessed! I posted about them before. And I am wildly in love with my new name plate. (via my Instagram)
 photo rose_zps05458deb.jpg

2. GoldLink
I post one of his song on my last post but really; he's my new favorite rapper. Download his mixtape The Good Complex.
 photo goldlink_zpsa43a11aa.jpg

1. Broad City
I hate the show Girls because I can't relate to it. Broad City however is my jam. Also found out they are coming to Seattle in the fall. Super excited for that.
     photo tumblr_n346b9KDoU1qb83vbo1_500_zps873d3d8e.png 

Until next time - Enjoy my favorites!

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