Monday, April 28, 2014

jean jacket

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I've been lacking inspiration lately. Just feeling really drained. Finding it so hard to get out of the house and actually doing something. Not to mention my anxiety for some strange reason has been at the highest it's been in a long time. Thankfully though today has been a breathe of fresh air.

Got out of the house, went to my favorite coffee shop, got some writing done, and strolled around the neighborhood. Amazing how many you can get big results from doing little things.

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Finally got to take this jean jacket out for a test run. I hope you guys made your own DIY version of this jacket because people love it!

 photo 461674cd-b67b-4a03-9414-910ef2400a09_zpsf9cba21b.jpg  photo 4555cde4-5136-4d42-96f1-514404b1379b_zps2be1df03.jpg  photo IMG_5777_zps3c20860c.jpg photo IMG_5776_zps382dfa07.jpg photo IMG_5778_zpsca02b3e7.jpg photo IMG_5774_zps743c2393.jpg  photo jeanjacket_zps756df868.jpg

Shoes Nike SB (Nike Outlet Mall) $20 x Leggings (Target) $11
Tank (Phillip Lim x Target Collection) x Jean Jacket (guttersnipe DIY)

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