Monday, April 14, 2014

playing bull

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The Boyfriend went to see Schoolboy Q (I gave up my ticket so his best friend could go. I know. But I knew his friend would have more fun than me) BUT I got to go to my friend Avi Loud's first solo show.

He's such a wonderful photographer. The shit he does with black and white is so ahead his years. Really proud of him. I also getting super excited when I see people who aren't from Seattle reblog or post his work on tumblr. Showing off Seattle's true talented people!

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On a guttersnipe note - I bought this Jordan jersey at one of my favorite thrift stores in Washington State - Urban Xchange. I've been meaning to write a guttersnipe review but been slacking. Promise I'll get that up this week and tell you all about this Tacoma hidden gem.

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Pants (American Apparel) x Shoes (Target) $35.00
Jersey (Urban Xchange - Tacoma) x Jacket (Nordstrom Rack)
Purse (Topshop)

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