Sunday, April 13, 2014

sporty spice

Nice weather all round! Can't help but want to soak it all up.

 photo IMG_5539_zps40d2a386.jpg photo IMG_5541_zps83a4323d.jpg 

Been busy cleaning my room, got ride of a lot clothes, and sold some for cash money! I need learn how to focus, but it's so hard with all this sun. All this sun.

Oh well! Here are some snaps from a few days ago.

   photo IMG_5520_zpsb35fd031.jpg photo IMG_5521_zps19a0cfa4.jpg  photo IMG_5531_zps81e1ee9c.jpg  photo IMG_5534_zpsac94dd18.jpg  photo IMG_5535_zpsc0be3595.jpg  photo IMG_5536_zps68129079.jpg  photo sportyspice_zps3084f5a5.jpg

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