Thursday, May 29, 2014

been about a minute or so

Been gone. If you haven't noticed. Working, writing, not working, not writing. Blogging and of course not blogging.

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I stay better up to date on twitter and Instagram if you are wondering what I have been up too. As spring begins to swine down summer is just waiting to get started! I headed to Sasquatch this past weekend with my boyfriend and friends. I saw Outkast! You have no idea how much their music means too me. My first rap album ever was Outkast and to see them live was life changing. No for real - LIFE CHANGING!

They have such spirit and swagger and have the best energy.

I also caught Haim, MIA, Chance The Rapper, Tyler the Creator, Neko Case, of course my friends in Fly Moon Royalty, Flavr Blue and of course Mary Lambert. A jam packed weekend of sun, fun, camping and music. But between you and me, once it was done I was over it. I am not a camper or someone who roughs it well. I just don't.

It was fun while it lasted.

 photo IMG_6128_zps4642d909.jpg photo IMG_6145_zps047bc4e4.jpg  photo IMG_6154_zpsc00b3592.jpg photo IMG_6153_zps93dffad4.jpg   photo IMG_6155_zpsbef39170.jpg  photo IMG_6156_zps0d6c7349.jpg   photo IMG_6158_zps93433427.jpg  photo IMG_6159_zpsa76e8b7f.jpg

Most likely to have wore this before. But really - no biggie! Sport it like it's the first time.

 photo aboutaminute_zps8c575e75.jpg

Timberland flannel x Shoes
Leggings (topshop) x shirt (nordstrom rack)
Necklace (nordstrom rack)

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