Monday, May 19, 2014

Part Poet x Part Comedian

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Sorry I've been MIA - Just been super uper busy. So busy I haven't gone thrift shopping or retail shopping in months! Which is wild but my bank account is happy about that. Also on the plus side I am working on new projects, my new book is coming out soon, and I have a jammed packed schedule for shows this summer.

So much going on but staying positive!

Since I am working on a new project and embarking on a new chapter in my life I had the pleasure of this photo shot with my friend AJ Ragas over at the Cave Studios in my hometown. Here are just a few snaps. Enjoy & stay tuned.

 photo RoseMcAleese-273_zps2014f770.jpg  photo RoseMcAleese-187_zpsd0b2db9d.jpg  photo RoseMcAleese-132_zpsa34f883e.jpg  photo RoseMcAleese-118_zps4ee4b57a.jpg  photo RoseMcAleese-117_zpse7e6d0f7.jpg  photo RoseMcAleese-114_zps61840972.jpg  photo RoseMcAleese-049_zpsab92a7b2.jpg 

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