Friday, June 6, 2014

june looks good on you

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I haven't sat down to blog in forever. I honesty feel a bit rusty. Most of outfits have been "lazy" takes on things I've already posted. I am not fancy enough where I only have to wear one outfit once. I recycle again and again. Of course adding and subtracting accessories. That's the key ladies & gentlemen. Which up your rings, necklaces, socks, and shoes.

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And on another note - tonight, remember it's the first Friday of June. So make it a good one!

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MTV has been slacking on the "music" part and I am not the biggest fan of their reality tv shows however Girl Code is my shit! One of the lovely ladies on their had a little moment for the tall ladies in the world. Her advice - wear heels! Screw the people who don't like it if you are tall already. I never wear heels because I am already 5 11 but screw it. These booties were too cute to pass up. And I enjoy being tall, thank you very much. xo

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Shoes (Target) x Pants (ZARA)
Tank (H&M) x Necklace (Forever 21)

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