Sunday, June 8, 2014


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I believe I am happening what I'm calling is a fashion "hiccup." I use to think that spring fashion was uninspiring but now I am beginning to believe it's summer where I find the most difficult when getting dressed. The whole "less is more" approach. I am of layers and piling it on.

I not big on wearing very revealing clothing (no booty shorts, or super super tight dresses, or low cut shirts. If you can do it - all power to you!)

I am someone who is slightly self conscious about my body at times. Still learning to love my curves and shape, as we all learn to do at some point. Also Summer is not a forgiving season because I am also so pale.

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As a of a result of all of this I've realize I don't put as much effort into my outfits and don't find them that interesting or fashionable. So like I said - a hiccup. But alas, this will all pass. And this evening, I felt happy with my look. Happy enough that I'm even posting it.

Had the pleasure of attending  a garden birthday party this evening.

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Flats (Nordstrom rack) x Jeans (JC Penny's)
Belt (hand me down)
Shirt (an oldie but a goodie! Goodwill I believe) $4 something
Necklace (Goodwill) x Jacket (TJ Maxx)

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