Tuesday, June 10, 2014

5 things I am in love with... right now

This blog has been a really great keeper of milestones for me, in my personal life as well as in my fashion choices. Right now in all honesty I have been feeling a little low. I haven't done anything creatively or felt the urge to.

HOWEVER this list of "5 things I love" will be "5 things I find inspiring."

5. Dinner Party Download
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Wait Wait Don't Tell Me will forever be my favorite NPR show whoever The Dinner Party Download is winning me over. It's an ideal podcast for Sunday morning listening while cleaning, messing around, or goofing off.

4. Louis Armstrong
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I grew up in a house of music. I've been told my taste is "old" thanks to my mother and grandfather. There are so many I love; Nina Simone, Etta James, Sam Cook, and of course Louis Armstrong. I just heard a great piece on him listening to an old Dinner Party Download and can't stop listening to his classics.

3. St Vincent
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I bought her latest album and fell head over hells in love with it. But after seeing her SNL performance - I feel deeper in love with her. Her website is called "I Love St. Vincent." It's hard not to love her.

2. Mo' Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove
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It's wild how Questlove and Philly's band The Roots have become a house hold name thanks to Jimmy Fallon. I grew up loving and listening to The Roots and have a massive crush on Questlove. His book isn't just a memoir, but a wild ride into a musical journey. Ideal summer read!

1. The Creative Block: Get Unstuck & Discover New Ideas
This books is overwhelming brilliant! It has so many great ideas, tips, and tricks to get everyone and anyone unstuck, you don't even need to be an artist. The writer Danielle Krysa even has an awesome blog to follow - The Jealous Curator.

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