Wednesday, June 11, 2014

so short

Just finished Orange is the New Black. Love that show! Bummed I got to wait another year to see it, but oh well! T'was a great ending.

I went thrifting yesterday which really got me out of my fashion hole. My hiccup if you will. I'll post those inspiration picture later. I came across a lot of brand names. Like GOOD brand name shit. So all you people who think you are too good for 2nd hand places, think again.

 photo IMG_6309_zps08d06e28.jpg photo IMG_6301_zpsd5ad9b2d.jpg 

Since it's summer I had to revamp this great too short shirt I got when I was in Portland. Ain't nothing tougher than a good old muscle tee. The simplest DIY around.

 photo IMG_6326_zpsf719b97e.jpg  photo IMG_6322_zps803b547b.jpg 

 photo IMG_6310_zps41b2f213.jpg photo IMG_6302_zpsf9058507.jpg
 photo IMG_6318_zpsa78cc630.jpg  photo IMG_6314_zps57855530.jpg
 photo IMG_6317_zps0c8aaf4c.jpg  photo IMG_6316_zps0392992e.jpg   photo soshort_zpse93e0f2c.jpg

Shoes (Target) $35 x Jeans $10
Too Short Shirt (Portland) $10 x Hoops (DIY)
Jean Jacket (DIY)

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