Sunday, July 20, 2014

Audrey, of course

Although I love my baggy jeans and sneakers Audrey Hepburn will forever and always be my fashion icon. She should be everyone's fashion icon. She's timeless, graceful, and truly made the little black dress what it is today. You may think I am giving her too much credit, but honey, honestly, I am not.

 photo IMG_6758_zpsdb8decd5.jpg photo IMG_6764_zps69658996.jpg 

This is a rare photo of an outfit I forgot to post (a.k.a before I ran away from the inter web and social media) Channeling Audrey the only way I know how too.

 photo IMG_6766_zps0886eeda.jpg  photo IMG_6767_zps5173b5a1.jpg  photo IMG_6768_zpse6a5e5c0.jpg  photo IMG_6769_zpsa689f38f.jpg  photo butaurdey_zps2a1ad900.jpg

Shoes (Calvin Klein - Nordstrom Rack) x Skirt (american apparel)
Crop Top (Zara) $20 x necklace (forever 21)

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